Monday, August 31, 2009

If You are Going to San Francisco...

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...

We didn't wear flowers in our hair, but we were eager to go and see the sights.

Saturday we took a bus with other military members and families up to San Francisco. It was our first visit up to "the city". We left around 7:30 and had a nice drive up. It turned out to be a beautiful clear day so I was happy with all of our pictures of the city. It did get to around 88 degrees, the hottest we have been in this summer. We stuck it out though. Thinking of having to live in that while pregnant all summer long makes me so thankful for Monterey's temperate climate.

We first stopped at a lookout over the city. It was a gorgeous day for photos.

A couple of tourists, like us, offered to take a picture. I always am surprised when they turn out good. :)

Next stop, San Francisco Bay Bridge!

We ate lunch at Pier 39, a bustling tourist stop.

On to our major destination of the day...dun dun dun...ALCATRAZ!

Even looking at these pictures again reminds me of how I deserve this, far more even. It was desolate, dark, dank and very depressing. I know that the men who served sentences here deserved what they received by our country's standards of justice at the time. They were being given the sentence that fit their crime by earthly standards. I deserve this and so much more on a heavenly standard. I have been given mercy to the highest degree. I do not deserve the life I live on this earth much less the eternal life I will live after I die. Maybe I am thinking too much into a prison visit, but goodness I am thankful! Thankful for our earthly authorities put over us to protect us and thankful by so many more degrees for our Supreme Authority who has forgiven me all my crimes past, present and future. Praise Him!

It was a great day of wandering the island and pondering justice and mercy.

Check out the rest of the photos on the right of the blog that link to my flickr account. I didn't want to post them all.

Love Ya'll!

Cake Class Results...

Need more practice.

Well, I finished the cake decorating class at Michael's this past week. I really enjoyed the time just creating with some other ladies. Unfortunately I won't be able to continue for another few months to the next level due to conflicts in scheduling, but I think I need more practice at this level anyway.

We were kind of getting tired of trying to figure out what to do with all the cake I was bringing home. We don't eat sweets that sweet very often and cake every night wasn't working for Daniel's get-fit regimen.

After class one: I just put Daniel's name and age on there as filler. His birthday is in October. I thought I would practice now. I know I will not make a rainbow cake for him though. :)

Class 2 must have slipped by without pictures. We practiced on cupcakes and I decorated them with grapes, hearts, bears and other little faces. I was happy with how they turned out. Working on cupcakes is a good small project to do. If you mess up a little it just messes up one cupcake other than a whole cake.

By class three we were challenged with roses. I still need a lot of work with them, but they are coming along.

My roses were really ruffly. I think my icing was too stiff or soft. Still figuring that out. I think they look more real... :-/

It was a fun class and I encourage anyone to take it. I plan on making cakes in the future for other events so I need to still keep up with the practice and put all the gear I purchased into use.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Palo Alto Visit and Friends

Last week was an eventful week. I chatted with my friend, Amaya, a friend from Hawaii, on Monday and we decided to meet up on Tuesday. (Nothing like last minute plans). Amaya and her husband recently moved to Palo Alto, CA (just south of San Francisco) to start a new season of life. Marc got out of the Marine Corps and will be starting up at Stanford in less than a month. All in all this means we get to live in close proximity again. They are just and hour and a half up the road. I had nothing planned for Tuesday so I journeyed up there.

It was a beautiful day and we started out our day together by going to a local garden, right up the road from their new home. We snapped a few good pics.

Some violets for our Violet.

Amaya and I

Marc and Amaya

This is in the rose garden part and I believe this is clematis. It was so pretty climbing up this iron structure. I hadn't seen red clematis before, only purple and white.

After the garden we got lunch at a new favorite of Marc and Amaya's. It was very good and in true friendship we all shared food to enjoy everything ordered. The first time Daniel and I went out with Marc and Amaya in Hawaii we talked about food sharing and how we were all comfortable with it. It was good to share again. :)

We spent the afternoon cruising Ikea and chatting at their home. It was a great day and I am thankful for their friendship. I am so glad they are close by!

The week continued to keep me busy. Wednesday is cake practice day since my class is at night. I prepare my cake and icings during the morning and afternoon and practice for the evening.

Thursday I met Daniel for lunch. I do enjoy the freedom he has in his lunch hour. The time together is nice since he has been so busy with homework and class. It has always been good weather so I pack us a lunch and we eat outside on picnic tables. I plan on doing this at least twice a week since Daniel and I both enjoy it so much.

Friday I had the pleasure of having some ladies over for lunch. We had a pasta and salad lunch and just enjoyed each others company in the afternoon. It was a nice way to end the week.

Friday night was date night and we tried a new restaurant. It was Chinese food night, and I am always happy with Asian food. The place was yummy and had very good prices. We ended up renting a movie and snuggling at home later that night. Very great date night.

Saturday we met up with another group of friends and had a cookout at Carmel beach. It is such a nice beach. Anyone who visits us we will be sure to take down there. We enjoyed the lazy evening and the fire. Here is my messy picture that I decided looked cool enough to put up. The fire ended up getting a lot bigger as we got cooler, but this was just the right size for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

This week started off well. I had another doctors appointment on Monday and was reminded again that I really like my doctor. Everything is looking great. I am feeling good and Violet seems to be chugging along. I can't believe I am 33 weeks today. This pregnancy has gone so smoothly. God has really blessed our family. I am in awe that she will be here so soon, Lord willing. We are continuing to prepare ourselves for this life change. What an exciting time!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their August. It is speeding by here.

Much Love!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Old Time Photo

This was taken back in June while we were visiting Daniel's Mom and Dad. We went to Silver Dollar City, an old time amusement park.

We couldn't resist.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Only Here...

Only here will you be driving down the road and be surrounded by sports cars. When I say sports cars I mean you pull up to the light next to a Dodge Viper (Daniel's favorite since he was young) and are very impressed, but then slowly have a Ferrari pull up next to you. After a couple seconds of this sinking in to you and your husband a bright yellow Lamborghini rolls past the light with another Ferrari and Porsche next to it. Hmmm...something must be going on.

This weekend was a major car show/ car race in the area. I mean major. The streets were full of not only new cars but old sports cars and some looking straight out of scene from the Great Race. It was a fun weekend never knowing what would pull up next to you at the light.

Friday night we went to the Carmel Beach for a church social with the church we have visited 4 times now. We had a nice time roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. I got a quick shot of the sun going down.

After we left the beach we walked around Carmel for a bit taking in the display of red, yellow and black sports cars. The town was awake late that night I am sure.

It was an interesting night.

Saturday we finished our class offered through the hospital for new parents. We met first on August 1st and then concluded the class on the 15th with a tour of the hospital. We walked through everything. The basics of labor, hospital procedures, breathing techniques and anything else the couples could think of to ask the nurse. It was a good class. I was very happy with the nurse who led the class, very straightforward and she refrained from pressuring the families in one direction or another. She just gave facts and tips on coping with pain and labor. We left feeling better about the next couple of months preparing for baby. We have more to dialogue about as well as maybe some relaxation techniques to practice. This baby girl is getting bigger everyday and we are looking forward to her arrival.

On Sunday at Sanctuary Bible Church, we attended a new members class to speak with the elders of the church about their statement of faith and other aspects of their constitution and history. We were the only people signed up so we had plenty of time to ask questions and chat. After the service we went to lunch with the pastor and a couple of other elders. Again, this was a very good opportunity to find out more about their beliefs and way they run the church. We have some praying to do to make a decision. It is looking promising. :)

I have started a cake decorating class at Michael's just up the road from us. I go on Wednesday nights during August to practice making a wide range of decorations. I want to feel good about making cakes for friends and of course Violet so I may continue in a few more classes in the next few months. So far it has been very fun. I have enjoyed the freedom to create with guidance. The class is full of other ladies that want to be cool moms as well, making their own children's cakes for birthdays and such. It turns out to be a nice social evening as well.

Perhaps I will post some pictures in the future if I feel good enough about them. Hopefully nothing turns out as bad as some of the cakes on this blog. This blog cracks me up. Very funny writing as well.

Well, have a great week. I have a few crafty projects planned this week for Vi. We will see if they are worth posting on here after they are complete.

Thanks for all the sweet words over the last pregger post. I am feeling more and more pregnant everyday. She is a real mover. I know she will slow down the bigger she gets...hopefully. :)

Love Ya'll!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

31 Weeks

I am getting bigger.

Also my diaper order came in the mail today. Super cute!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Crib Arrived!

Yesterday the doorbell rang and much to my surprise the crib was delivered. I had been trying to track it on the Fedex webpage, but was not successful. I just ordered it last week. Woohoo!

Here it is as my baby's Daddy puts it together. :-)

Not a hard task for a man such as easy as one, two, three...
Count Parts

Screw together


He looks like he is happy that is finished.

I am pleased with the crib. It is very sturdy, seemed relatively easy to put together, and looks great. I can't wait to get the other goodies I have ordered. This room will come together soon.

Here is a peek at the crib bumper and quilt. I just love the quilt pattern and all the purples to play with in the room colors. I am so happy to have found this online and at a good price. Hopefully it looks as pretty or prettier in person. I think it will.

So excited!