Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still Organizing

I will post pics of the place soon. We are still organizing and getting the house just right.

Violet was helping pack up the other night with a curious Oscar looking on.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Guess What!

We're moving!

We found a sweet home right behind NPS, where Daniel goes to school. We were not really looking for a different place, but when we helped some friends from church move a while back we saw this great home next door to them that was vacant. The location is really the main selling point but the house is fantastic as well. Daniel will have a short ride on his bike to school and Violet and I can even walk to meet him for lunch if we want. It is right across the street from a little league baseball field and kid's park and the neighborhood is quiet and friendly. Of course, we are very excited to have the sweet church family next door. We have been spending more and more time with them recently and Daniel and I both see this as the beginning of a lasting relationship. What a blessing to know we already have great neighbors!

So we started moving our house items over there this past weekend. Our plan is to spend Friday night in the home. Daniel has enlisted several strong men to help us out Friday afternoon with the big stuff. It is all coming together quickly.

I will post pictures as soon as everything is up and running in the new place. (It really is a cute place.) I just wanted to give ya'll a heads-up so you know why there hasn't been a blog recently and won't be one probably for another while.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Already

Life has been steady here. Daniel's classes keep him busy this quarter but it is a little slower than the last few quarters. He has the study/family time balance down to a tee. He has been able to spend a good amount of time with us each weekend, for which we are very thankful. We have started fellow shipping with several families from our new church and that has been very rewarding. We foresee some lifelong friendships developing while we are here. What a blessing!

The weather here has been surprisingly nice and Violet and I have spent a couple days each week either walking or just hanging out in the yard. The evenings get very cool here, but the afternoons are often sunny and mild. We enjoy a sunny day when we get one!

Violet is rolling everywhere. She is sitting up relatively well. It is funny to see her little body doing big baby girl things, reaching for particular toys, turning when her voice is called, giving big wet baby kisses, and just general attention to people when they are speaking. She is very social. I am amazed she will be 8 months at the end of this month. This time has been so sweet. She has been such a good baby. We had our ups and downs with feeding, but God gave us a very mild baby. She does get fussy when food doesn't go in her mouth fast enough or when she is tired, but throughout the rest of the day she is generally happy and playful. I am one relaxed mommy and a thankful one as well.

I took these photos today when she was playing on the floor.

My little elf-child.

As always, there are more pictures and videos on my flickr page on the right of the blog. It is easier to upload items there so I will continue uploading most videos and shots there.

Have a wonderful May everyone!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Walk at Point Lobos

Today I took a walk with a new friend from church and we strolled the beautiful trails at Point Lobos State Park. Obviously from the pictures it is right on the oceanside. It is a beautiful park and I don't know why it has taken me so long to go there. I do know they charge for vehicles to enter but you can walk in for free. It must be my thrifty side that kept me back. The walk in was a short distance so I think it will be a more regular walking place for Vi and me.

Just gorgeous!

Visit with Sweet Jo

Jo, my friend from Hawaii, visited this last weekend. Her family lived here until December when they then moved to Georgia. She came in town for a long weekend and was able to stay with us for a few nights. We had such a nice time during her visit and she got in a lot of snuggles and playtime with Violet.

So glad you came Jo!