Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tree Swing

We have the perfect tree limb in our front yard that was calling out for a swing for Violet. We finally got on the ball and bought one and hung it up. Daddy did a great job of getting it up at just the right height and Vi loves it!

Here she is basking in her early birthday present swing time. 

Check out the flickr photostream on the right for swing video.

And if you haven't seen the giggle fest it is one of our favorite videos ever.  It is also on flickr. She is wearing a red and white jumper in it and laying on the hard-wood floor. It is a fun giggle time with Daddy.

Can't believe she is almost one! We are planning a little birthday party here in our front yard. Our neighbors foster baby is turning one year old the week after Vi. We are celebrating together. Pretty exciting! One whole year! Wow! Time flies!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Military Camouflage

The military is testing a new camouflage for the case where we may need to go to N. Korea in thick jungles. They think this will disguise our men safely. They are testing it with children's pjs. I think it is effective.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


We have taken the plunge and started buying camping gear. We were excited to set up our new tent in the yard to practice. We set it up last Saturday and slept in it Sunday for our afternoon nap and then later that night...just to test it. Violet stayed inside, but Daniel and I enjoyed the roomy size and our new bags and sleeping mats. We are planning a trip to Big Sur very soon.

My momma made a quick stop through here on her way back to Maryland. She had been up in Alaska with my Dad for 6 weeks and was flying back. Everyone agreed a short layover in our neck of the woods was needed. (Dad will be here later this month as he returns to MD as well.) She was here Tuesday evening to Saturday morning, just enough time for some Nonni lovin' and a little dancing. This is the two of them getting some snuggles.

We enjoy biking around Monterey and last Saturday we ended up down near the wharf and walked around a Greek festival and a general beautiful sunny day. We sat and enjoyed some traditional Greek music and got a snack in a little cafe downtown. We are so glad to be so close to everything...only a short bike ride away from so much fun!

Vi noshing on a coffee stir stick. Everything goes in the mouth. We are hoping a tooth will show up any day now.
Apparently this restaurant has an interesting appetizer to draw in tourists.

Vi's new favorite way of sitting with Daddy. Daniel turns his chair around at the table and Vi is able to stand and open her mouth for bites. She doesn't look happy here because she was denied a big bite of cheerios. The next smaller bite is for her though.

As always there are a few more pictures in my flickr account to the right of the blog.