Friday, May 20, 2011

Visit with Auntie Lolly

My sister Lauren, aka Lolly, was here last week and we had a splendid time together. She arrived Monday evening and we started exploring the area together the next day. We went to a working farm that also has a produce stand, children's story hour and petting zoo with chickens, ducks, goats and bunnies. We visited The Farm at story hour and Violet almost made it all the way through. It was smack dab in the middle of her normal nap time so I knew we wouldn't make it the whole time. We still had a good time enjoying the outdoors. Lolly took some amazing photos and most of the shots I will post are her photos.

The Farm is known for their giant wooden workers out in the fields.

I just love this picture with the old truck and roses. Lauren, this is fantastic!

The next day we went to Point Lobos, a state park up the road right on the ocean. There are several trails to walk through the forest and around the coastline. It is just lovely. When we first arrived it was overcast and cold but soon the sun came peeping out for us as the day went by.

Thursday we pulled out the bikes. We borrowed my neighbors bike for Lauren and we hit the trail with Violet in tow. Living 2 minutes from the bike trail that goes along the coast for miles is a sweet treat here in Monterey. We rode to Pacific Grove and then made our way back and stopped at whatever interested us. We ate lunch at a yummy trail side cafe and met a delightful couple that generously paid for our lunch. It helps having an adorable baby with you all the time! :) They were quite smitten with Violet even though she was exhausted and ready for nap time.

Friday we all went to my regular doctor's appointment for the baby. Everything is looking great and Lolly got to hear the heartbeat of the little one. It sounds so different in swishy swashy. :) That afternoon we rode our bikes again, this time with Daniel along for the ride. We explored Fisherman's Wharf and soaked up some delightful warmth from the sun. That evening was a social for church and Lauren was able to meet some of the people we fellowship with. It was a treat having her there.

Saturday was a special day. We traveled up to Santa Cruz area for a train ride through the redwood trees. Daniel and I had been wanting to go on this train for a while now and it worked out perfectly to have Lol go with us. It was an overcast day but the sun started peeking though about halfway through the train ride. Here are some of Lauren's great pictures.

Here we are at the top of Bear Mountain.

Part of the train ride through the trees.

Daniel with the steam train.

Violet waving bye-bye to the people as we pull out.

A great family photo.

Vi was unsure of the train in the beginning and quite frightened of the loud hissing and chugging. We made it to the top of the mountain with lots of cuddling and soothing her, which none of us minded at all. (Toddlers are so busy. I can never get enough cuddling from her nowadays.) After we reached the top and stopped for a brief look around, she got back on the train and wanted to sit on her own. So big!

After the train ride, Lolly treated us to delicious pizza in the nearby town. It was some of the best I have had lately...yum yum! Thanks again!

We had such a sweet visit with Auntie Lolly and I know Violet will be excited to see Lolly next month. She grew fond of following her around the house, especially when Lauren put on her make-up. Vi always knew she could play with Auntie's extra make-up brush. :)

We had a great time while you were here Lauren, and I am so thankful you made it out before we move this fall. It will definitely be a part of the fond memories we have of being here in Monterey. We love you!