Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have been a bad blogger...

Hello family and friends. I do intend to start this blog back up again. Trust me, I do.

I have neglected it for so long and soon it will not be the Carolina Living blog anymore. I think I need a generic blog site for Daniel and me since we move so often in the military. I am currently thinking on a good name...ha good.

We are expecting our first child in October, Lord-willing. I know I will have plenty to update family on then. We are also moving in 1 month and that will bring new adventures as well. California here we come!

I do intend to post pictures and keep whoever cares to read updated. I love reading blogs of my family and friends and it is an excellent way of keeping in touch after we move.

So our life this past year, in a nut-shell, has been wonderful. God has blessed us richly with a loving church family, Daniel consistently home and glorifying God in his work, and continual growth in our marriage. I have been so thankful for this time in our marriage. The past year has been such a great time for us to continue to learn how to honor God in our marriage by serving each other. God's grace has been abundant.

Daniel has been challenged in his walk with evangelism and how he conducts himself around non-Christians. God has blessed Daniel's earnest desire to be a light in this dark world and God has presented Daniel with several opportunities to share about Christ and the saving work He has done for sinners. We are both grateful for God's willingness to use His people in this way.

God has been teaching me many wonderful things as well; mainly in the area of confronting sin in my life. I had the opportunity to work through a book with the ladies of our church called Excellent Wife. It is namely focused on the relationship of the wife with her husband, but sin was something that was permeating all my life not only my relationship with Daniel, so several topics in the book convicted me. I know that my thought life and my tongue are major sin areas so learning how to identify and replace those thoughts with biblical truths was helpful and something I know I will struggle with all my life. I am so very thankful for the time I had going through that study with my dear Berean sisters.

Daniel has been given the opportunity to teach in our service at Berean this evening. What a beautiful thing it has been to serve at Berean these past few months! He will be teaching from Colossians 4:2-6. I heard him share it last evening in practice and I pray the Lord will use him to exhort our fellow church members.

Daniel runs his annual physical fitness test in the morning so that means pasta tonight. I need to get dinner started.

I will write again soon. I have a wonderful post about this last weekend. Daniel and two of my friends' husbands surprised us with a get-away to Wilmington Sunday evening. We had a fantastic time. I will share more later.

Thank you for your prayers for the baby and your constant love and support to Daniel and me. We are very grateful and very undeserving. We find out the gender of our little one hopefully on May 8th...stay tuned!