Monday, November 08, 2010


We have had a steady flow of activity around here keeping the family busy, but not too busy. I don't like to be to busy anymore. (It is funny how things change over time.)

The World Series was a great chance to get together with the dear Reynolds family. We enjoyed every minute watching game 4. The boys even opened up new packs of baseball cards, and I know it brought back some good memories of watching baseball as a boy for Daniel.

I planned a craft for our newest family member (soon to arrive any day now) months ago and was happy to complete it this weekend. I planned on sewing some little birds together and making a mobile for the baby room. Without talking with Meghan, my sister-in-law, about my craft idea she decorated the new nursery with birds. I was overjoyed when I saw the pictures and I hope the bird mobile works well in the already lovely nursery. It will be the perfect nursery once baby girl or boy makes it home. We are so excited for you guys!!

This past weekend we stayed busy. Saturday evening we celebrated he Marine Corps birthday with the Birthday Ball. The actual birthday is November 10th. We are celebrating 235 years that the Marines have protected our nation's freedom!

This year we invited our neighbors to go as guests and we had a lot of fun! The ball was held at a local hotel and this year they had a theme of Casino Royale. During dinner they had a professional dance duo come out on the dance floor and do a tango routine for everyone. After dinner there was a room set aside with casino game tables set up. There was no exchange of money. Every person present was given a ticket to redeem for $500 (fake moola) worth of chips to play some games. No one could buy more. You just had to play with what you had. Being the casino lover I am (all sarcasm here), I lost my chips in about 15 minutes. I enjoyed learning how to play blackjack though. They also had tables of roulette and craps available. At the end of the night the top three people with the most chips won prizes. It was a nice spin on the evening activities.
The DJ was pretty fantastic and Daniel and I danced for probably half the time he played songs. It was so much fun! The guest of honor told all the Marines they had to dance with their date at least for two songs. Daniel exceeded that requirement and it made this one happy wife. Our neighbors enjoyed dancing as well. All in all it was a wonderful night and we were happy to have them join us for the evening.
The crew

The gentlemen

The ladies

Wendy showing off her massive amount of chips. :)

So much fun!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated our friend's son's birthday. He was turning one! They are moving next month and it will be a sad goodbye. I have been able to get close to the mommas and babies that were at the party through playdates, and all three of them are moving in December. It is always different being the one left behind.

Adorable cupcakes

Rebecca and birthday boy

Bradley and baby girl. This sweet family will be moving in December as well. :(

Daniel feeding Vi some cupcake

Brief snuggles before returning to the ground to play

Our little pumpkin

We had a special time celebrating and eating Rebecca's amazing feast and yummy desserts. She is an excellent cook.

We have been abundantly blessed with dear friendships in this place. We are very thankful!