Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thanksgiving with Family & New York, New York

It has been a wonderful past month. I can't believe how it has flown by, but when I think of all the wonderful time with family and new friends I can say we are truly blessed.

Our new church has been exactly what we prayed for. When we left Hawaii our prayer was for a church family that would be as wonderful as our last church. We also prayed that Daniel would be able to get to know some of the members so he will know some of the people I will be chatting about constantly this next year. Our new church emphasizes the lifestyle of a church family. We see the people from the church several times a week. This is exactly what kind of supportive and loving family I need down here during these upcoming months. It is such a blessing. We have already started building some great relationships with several couples. We are so thankful for the great Biblical teaching, wonderful fellowship, and heartfelt worship. We feel at home with this church.

The Marine Corp Ball was great fun this year. We had talkative people at our table and the a couple from our church was also there. We did not know many people because it was the ball for the unit Daniel was with at the base here in Cherry Point, not the unit he is deploying with. The guest speaker was good and the live band really lent itself to the traditional music played at the ceremony. The evening was very enjoyable despite knowing only a few people.

The following week was Thanksgiving and it was a great week. Daniel's parents came in for a full week. They stayed with us for half the week and Daniel's older brother Everett and his family the rest of the week. Unfortunately I was sick for most of the week, but that didn't stop us from having a great visit. We showed them around our local area and hit a few antique stores. I was glad we did; we came away with a great hall table. (I had been searching for one for some time.)

Thanksgiving day we traveled over to Everett's home for the day and enjoyed a yummy meal, and great conversation, but most importantly wonderful play time with the adorable nephews. These two boys are so much fun. Daniel and I love to play with them. The oldest is three and such an intelligent boy. He always has something cute to say and a precious smile to go with it. Meghan, our sister-in-law, Mom, and I took a quick photo on their couch...

Hmm, it is not letting me post the picture. I will try again.