Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Livin' Life...

On the Edge.

He fell asleep during a stretch. Rough Life.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Marching On...

I am amazed it is already March. We have been staying busy with our regularly schedules programs and all of a sudden March is here. WOW!

We are out of sorts in this household. Daniel and Violet can't seem to kick the cough from their last cold, I feel yuck from a small cold, and Violet is teething (finally!).  Her nose is like a faucet and crankiness is the new attitude around here. We are marching on and hoping these teeth come all at once. Currently, her bottom left tooth has broken through the gums and her top left is breaking through now. I know that is no fun. I am thinking the matching teeth need to follow soon. We need to get this girl to bite into her food. She is 17 months. Its about time. :)

Good news! Next week we travel down to LA for the Shepherds Conference and Charles and Marsha are meeting us there. We are so excited to see them. Violet has her daily Grandma and Grandpa picture reminder to help her warm up to them quickly. I think she won't have a problem as long as her teething doesn't get any worse than it is now. She hasn't gotten clingier because of it, but you never know... I am hoping she sleeps well. Last night she woke up a few times with such a sad cry. The little one is ready for these teeth to come out too.

Marsha and I will be spending time together during the day while the men folk attend the conference. I am praying the teaching will be a great encouragement to both Daniel and Charles, as Charles has recently started a church in Missouri. He will attend with a pastor focus and Daniel as with a layperson focus. What a special opportunity for them to attend together. We are very grateful for this time with them.

I leave you with a few of the latest pictures of Violet. We were walking around Daniel's school the other day and I got a few pictures of the babe. She is getting so big!

Love y'all!