Wednesday, June 15, 2011

East Coast, Here We Come!

Long airplane ride with pregnant lady and toddler. Pray for me.

Here is the little one last time we were in Maryland. She has changed so much. Her little face looks so different and her hair is much longer. She is still wearing the same pair of shoes and leggings though. The leggings are shorter, but her waist is the same. :) She is now a toddler. She was just learning to walk in November when we last visited.
Cora-doll looks so new!

I know she will be excited to play with the recorder again; and of course give out lots of kisses to family!

See you soon!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guess What!


(Remember that collect call commercial from the 90s?)

Praise the LORD for a healthy baby girl!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


It has been another long stint without me blogging. I do apologize for the lack of info to family members and friends. We had a virus on our computer and fixing it was on the backburner.

Big news! Daniel completed his thesis and is so happy that is behind him. He has everyone's signature needed and a nice green completion certificate on the fridge for now. I know the diplomas will be a bit fancier. I am quite proud of that man. He not only finished his thesis (which some fellas don't get finished while they are here), but he completed it a quarter early. Now he can focus on wrapping up his classes and take me touring to the rest of the places here in California we have yet to explore. I am happy about that! :)

We have been plugging along with our regularly scheduled programs around here.

Time with our neighbor friends, as I call them.

 Funny faces on Violet.

And Violet reading through anything she can get her hands on, even the Snap-on tools catalog Daniel just brought home.

We do get the occasional out-of-the-ordinary activities thrown in for fun. Memorial Day brought a great opportunity to hear the Monterey Bay Orchestra for free at NPS so we enjoyed a day outside listening to the music and enjoying a few side acts. There was one man there with tropical birds. Violet clearly thought these birds were fascinating for a few seconds and then got freaked out at it.

(Hey, I like this!)
(Okay, this is a little awkwards and those talons are kinda sharp.)
(Get this crazy thing offa me!)

After the bird debacle she enjoyed looking through her favorite two books for a good hour while we listened to the orchestra.

It was a warm and sunny day; just perfect for sitting outside and soaking up some vitamin D.

Later that week we got free tickets to the aquarium and went on Friday. Violet has been several times but all when she was very young and less interactive. This time Daniel wore her in our baby carrier and she enjoyed the sights.

We had a great time exploring the aquarium again and seeing it with a child is so much fun.

Saturday was our 6th anniversary and we celebrated with style. Daniel took us to a very chic restaurant for dinner and then to a movie I had wanted to see. (He liked it as well.) We had a great evening and everything went well with Violet and the babysitter so it made the night even better.

This week Daniel leaves for Missouri and I leave next week for Maryland. We are excited to see family and friends and check out some potential homes in Virginia. We will be moving there come October so it is good to explore the area now. I also have a close friend getting married and we will be in Virgina for that as well.

Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment with ultrasound and perhaps we will find out the gender of this little one. We will keep you posted as long as baby cooperates.

Much Love!