Monday, December 12, 2011

Missouri for Christmas

We made it safely to Missouri despite a huge winter storm following us through the desert. We thought a southern route would be best to avoid bad weather but the snow wanted to hit Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. It was Violet's first time seeing snow and Daniel is a very safe driver so no worries here. We took our time and made it to Missouri almost a full week later. We stopped for a few nights and enjoyed some down time in a few cities.

Well, things are going well with the Good clan. We are preparing to celebrate Christmas, both physically and spiritually. What a joy to have all of Daniel's family together this year!

The girls are adjusting to all the change slowly but smoothly. Louisa is still growing and changing. She gives regular smiles now during face time and diaper changing time. It really is the perfect time to get up close when they are feeling all fresh and clean. She is a real doll. We have our moments in the late evening before mommy and daddy go to sleep, but not every night. She gets really fussy for about an hour and then finally calms down and sleeps. I am at a loss at what to do. She is clean, has a full belly, is well burped and swaddled. We will see as time goes on if she grows out of that fussiness.

Violet is in playtime heaven. Mom has so many neat toys that she could stay busy just playing for a year. Dolls, puzzles, animals, tea sets galore! She is enjoying her time here also despite getting a little cold over the weekend.

Daniel is buzzing around helping his parents with odd jobs around the house, so I help when I can but mostly try to watch the girls. Mom gets her regular rocking time with Louisa everyday. That is a must!

We are thankful for our time off before the next job. What a blessing to have all this time for family to get to know the girls.

Well, I will try to post once more before Christmas, but I can't promise. Having two children is proving to be an around the clock job. I love it though!

Much love and Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Violet and her new apron and hat from Auntie Meghan and Uncle Everett.

Violet all bundled up to pick out a Christmas tree.

Reading with Pop Pop.

After picking out our tree we had to pose for some funny pictures.

 Louisa getting her Grandma snuggles.

Me and some of the cousins during the Christmas Eve get-together.