Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Little One

Here are a couple shots of the new one. The first is the profile, complete with a button nose. The second shot is taken from above the babies head. The right arm (white) with clear fingers is seen wrapping in front of the face. You can faintly see the umbilical cord and the baby brain still forming. At this ultrasound everything was looking great. The technician said the babies length and development is right on time as of now for the October 31 arrival.

We are excited!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest Fun

Violet's favorite thing to do lately is to slowly pull her books off the shelf and sit with them around her. This activity only mildly annoys me because it keeps her busy for a good thirty minutes, but she is not capable of putting them back on the shelf on her own. Mommy gets to show her repeatedly through the week how her books go on the shelf.

  I am happy she can spend so long looking through her books. She turns the pages slowly and sometimes mumbles words or sounds she knows from the stories. Her attention span is really growing with books too. We are able to read "big kid stories" without her getting fidgety or wanting to get off our laps. She soaks up the pictures and points out animals and people. It is exciting to see her delight in books.

Monday, April 25, 2011

12 Years Ago...

12 Years ago, back when I was a sophomore in high school and Daniel was finishing his plebe year at the Academy, we started liking each other. It was past the point of just thinking he was cute and him enjoying coming to my parents house for a weekend away from USNA. We had our first kiss.Well, we were smitten and only God knew that 12 years later we would be married and expecting a second baby. 

Here we are trying to use the last of our film before we went to develop our 35mm. This is still one of our favorites taken by some random person in the parking lot.

What a blessing these 12 years have been having Daniel in my life. He has been a constant encouragement to me in his desire to do what is right. What a dear man to be married to! Little did I know at 15 years old that he was the one I would marry and spend my life with, but at times I wished for it even then. I knew he was kind and could always make me laugh. He was (and is) considerate, thoughtful, patient, focused and dedicated to his Lord, family and friends. There were times in these 12 years that we were not together, but I think those times strengthened our relationship.

We have many wonderful memories of our early years together and our marriage has been even sweeter. God has been so kind to us!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

We're Expecting...Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear family and friends,
We are joyful to announce that the Lord has blessed us with another pregnancy!  We were able to visit the doctor on Friday and see the little heart beating and kicking legs.  This was a very joyous moment for us.  Maryn is 11 weeks along now.  Our due date is late October (31stish).