Friday, December 31, 2010

Unexpected Gift for Christmas

Violet got some teeth for Christmas! Guess which ones!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Riding and Walking Tour of Monterey

Violet's seat in the bike trailer...She was keeping warm.

Koala baby

Sweet face

Cannery Row

 Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Thanksgiving and NPS Winter Ball

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with our neighbors and my friend Amaya and her mother. We were so blessed to share a chilly, but sunny day together. Delicious food and wonderful company. We are so blessed everyday but it was wonderful to share the specific holiday with them.

Here we are in the kitchen after clean-up.

Last year Daniel and I attended a fancy fundraiser dinner at NPS and this year we were invited back. This time under different circumstances. Last year at the beginning of the evening the school's president spoke and then a tenor sang the National Anthem. After the evening was over, some weeks later, Daniel emailed the coordinators and told them I was available to sing this year if they needed it. Well, lo and behold, they emailed Daniel a few months ago and asked if I was still available to sing. Of course I accepted and we were invited to the ball again. Woohoo! It is super fancy evening with beautiful decorations and a great live band playing music all night.

I sang the anthem in the beginning and felt okay about it despite my nerves causing me to start a little higher than planned, but I had taken that into consideration and was practicing it in a lower key. I was glad I sang early on because the rest of the evening was a breeze just chatting with the donors at the table and dancing with Daniel. It was so much fun!

The students and their guests were supposed to line up in the entry as the donors walked into the hall. The entry was lined with all the flags of nations that have sent students to attend the school. Great time of greeting and ushering in the evening

Several rooms were decorated, not just the ballroom. We took a few snaps in the chapel with the pretty trees set-up.

One of my favorite parts of the night was sporting my fur. It was a gift from Daniel's grandmother. She gave me two furs several years ago and I have just been waiting for the right time to wear them. I think she originally thought they would be worn in some stage appearance. Well, I felt like I should be on stage in this thing. It was lovely as a little cape over my dress. Just perfect for the chilly night.

Thank you so much for the furs Grandma Scherer. I can't wait to wear them again!

We had a wonderful evening. I wish we could be here next year for it again. Enchanting evening with my handsome Marine, I couldn't ask for more!

MD Visit and Cousin's Wedding

A few weeks ago Violet and I flew back to Maryland for a visit with family. We stayed several days at my parent's home and Sarah and Andrew came up to visit while we were there. Violet and I visited Lauren and Kris at work the first full day in Maryland and that was a real treat.

Vi enjoyed the snuggles.

Violet with her Nonni, learning how to use the shape sorter.

Uncle Andrew flying Violet around in a box. :)

While we were back east we drove down to Alabama for some time with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We spent several days in the forest where they have a cozy place just right for getting "away from it all". We loved it. Violet got to see several different kinds of animals and ride around on a mule (not the animal, the motorized cart kind) for a tour of the forest. She really enjoyed it. My aunt borrowed a walker for her to play in while we were there and Vi really got the hang of it. By the time we had to leave she was running in it and lifting her legs so she could continue moving in it...really fun to watch!

Violet with her Great Uncle Jimmy. He is my Dad's older brother. Vi is blowing kisses in the picture. That won over a few hearts.

On Friday night before we drove back up to Maryland we went to my cousin's wedding. It was a sweet ceremony and reception.

Here I am with two of my cousins, Jill and Lauren. We served cake and punch.

The pretty bride, Hilary.

When we got back to Maryland we had a couple of relaxing days before we flew west to return to Daniel. We had a great visit with family!
Poppa with his Violet. She loved time with her Poppa.

He made her this cute stool. It is purple and just the right size for a little one.
Nonni and Poppa got a set of instruments for children. We enjoyed playing with them the whole time. Vi learned how to blow in the recorder and she was demonstrating as she modeled her new stool.

Thank you family for the sweet visit. I am so thankful we were able to make it back.