Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily Life

Life here in California has been going smoothly. We are enjoying our days and kind of missing all the snow winter has brought all our family. It is spring weather here. All the trees and bushes are in bloom and my daffodils are beautiful.

Daniel is still riding his bike in to school and staying busy with homework. He is regularly meeting with professors and other NPS students further along within the computer science degree so he can find out more about his future classes. In a few quarters they will begin to focus on a thesis topic and Daniel will need to pick the general focus he plans on delving into. Classes are still challenging and his main response when people ask about school is he is still working on finding the balance with school work and family. He does study a lot, but Violet and I don't feel deprived. I think he has found that balance; maintaining it is the hard part.

Violet and I stay busy enough. We have lots of time at home but a good amount out and about. She is a fabulous baby. I feel like I can take her anywhere and she just grins, sleeps, or soaks it all in with wide eyes. So precious! I am kind of attached to her!

Her 4 month appointment was a little late due to a busy pediatricians office, but everything is looking great. She is just barely under 12 pounds. (I know, I know, she is tiny.) The doctor doesn't seem too concerned. She was born small and may always be small. She is 24 inches in length so she is definitely taking after mommy and the aunties in the height department. And get this, her head is in the 78th percentile for her age. Again, go big brains! We are in no rush to start her on solids. We are just continuing to make sure she gets all the food she wants and needs. That is getting harder because she gets so distracted now-a-days. Such a curious little one, always having to turn to see what the slightest noise was coming from.

Daniel loves to put warm, clean laundry on himself so he figured Violet would love it too.
(She is wearing a sleeper my Momma mailed out that me and my sisters wore when we were little ones.)

Some pictures while Mommy folds laundry...

She seems to agree that warm laundry makes for a warm and happy baby.

Bath time is finally bringing some smiles. For months now it has just been her straight face. She hasn't cried in ages, but just a serious face. She is cracking smiles more often as I sing to her in the tub.

We took a walk on Saturday on the bike path that travels along the ocean. It was gorgeous weather so I took plenty of pictures.

The park at the end of our walk before we turned around. This is in Pacific Grove.

The waves were crashing high that morning. I had to show y'all this one.

Daniel with Vi.

There she is! Enjoying her walk with Mommy and Daddy.

We are looking forward to visitors in the next few weeks. My Momma arrives in late February and then my Dad comes early March. They are staying for a nice visit and then a week after they leave we get to introduce Vi to her Auntie Sarah and Uncle Andrew. I know she is going to love them and all we have to worry about is Sarah trying to sneak Vi home in her carry-on luggage. Sarah is going to eat her up! We can't wait to see them!

I am excited to see everyone, but I also look forward to visitors because that means I get to see some new places. I like to try new things when people come visit. It makes for some good memories.

Y'all know there is always a place to stay here in Central California. Come on out!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Play Mat Time

Sleep time

and play time.