Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Furniture Installed...

Thank you for the kind feedback on the new blog. I hope to continue to post pictures and stories on here as I did before. Our time down here is just as important for me to remember as our time in Hawaii.

Since the last post we received our household goods. It is amazing how you can forget what you have in just a matter of 2 months. The move-in day went very smooth and we spent the rest of that evening setting up house. It was a good feeling, a little daunting at first because we had the movers unpack all the boxes and the kitchen was in absolute chaos when they left. It looked much better after a few dedicated hours of organizing. It is amazing how I can fill a kitchen even with the wonderful amount of space it has for storage!

We are happy to be sleeping in our own bed with our own pillows. Meli has not stopped reminding us of how she loves her scratch posts now that they have been reunited. She will just wrap herself around one and lie there for hours. She is adjusting just fine... :)

Daniel is on the range this week learning several new positions and techniques. Unfortunately they are going to be doing some night firing this evening and he is staying the night. He has an all day Saturday session as well. I found out that my girlfriend Katy is hopefully going to come down for the weekend. It is such a perfect weekend for her visit with Daniel busy and gone! I hope it all works out for her to come down.

We are still praying about churches down here and this past week we revisited the first church we visited here. It has got some great teaching going on and a very warm environment. We are hoping to get involved in a church sooner rather than later so Daniel can experience some of the church before he leaves.

This last Saturday I went to an all day class for Marine wives. It was mostly focused on new wives to the Marines Corp but there were several like me who have been married for a little over a year that had still not attended the class. The class is called LINKS and it is incredibly informative. It is led by volunteer wives who have the desire to help wives stay active, informed, and connected. I was able to meet some very nice ladies and actually made a nice connection with one specific one. Her husband is on a team much like Daniel that is going to deploy the end of this year. Having that in common was enough to get us chatting away, and we spent the day getting to know each other better.

After the graduation ceremony two of the instructors were encouraging me to become a mentor with LINKS. I had already been thinking about it, but there encouragement set it in my mind more firmly. I am waiting now for a call so I can be trained as a mentor. I think it will be another excellent opportunity to meet new ladies and to stay active in the Marine Corp family.

The wife who I had a special connection with called the day after and invited us over to dinner. It was so thoughtful and we enjoyed the social outing after the long days of unpacking and organizing the house. I look forward to getting to know her better.

It has been such nice weather down here and I am planning on planting my bulbs and mums before it gets too cold. I just needed the garden tools to start.

Our neighboring house is just being finished so I am excited about the new neighbors. Daniel has met them and has said they are very friendly. It should be nice having more people in our little corner of new construction. It can get kind of quiet on the end of the street where we are, that is except for construction noises.

Well, that is all for now.
Take Care!

Monday, September 18, 2006

We Are Here

We have been here for almost a month and I am a terrible blogger. We moved in the night of August the 21st directly after we closed on the house. It was a perfectly stormy day with lightening and bursts of hard rain to welcome us to green North Carolina. (It is incredibly green here, more so than Hawaii. That is one thing I have already fallen in love with; the green forests, grass, and beautiful plantlife.)

The entire moving process went smoother than I could have dreamed. Flying from Hawaii to California, then driving across country was an adventure and a wonderful time for Daniel and I to explore the US. Our first multi-night stay was in Missouri, where Daniel's parents live. We ended up staying there for a week and a half. We were not in a hurry to get here to NC and live in the hotel on base before our house closed, so we stayed there. Daniel was able to work a few days in the shop with his Dad and I was able to do some great shopping with Mom. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and look forward to another long visit. Here is Daniel and his Dad. (They love getting down and dirty in the shop.)

Once we got here we started visiting churches right away. We have already visited three churches and it seems like there is no end in sight of the churches around here. We are still praying about our choice and planning on visiting some more in the following weeks.

Meli has adjusted peacefully. We finally got her some toys to target her playful biting onto rather than our ankles. She finally knows what it is like to be a mainland cat and be able to drive for long distances without seeing the ocean. I think the one thing she wants to do now is explore the outside. She has started pushing through my legs to get outside to say goodbye to Daniel in the morning. I am not too excited about letting her out on a regular bases, but just in case she escapes we got her a name tag for her collar with our phone number. She is still getting used to that. This picture is of her on the carseat floor. She slept about 95% of the time on the drive across county. She loved having free reign of the car when she was outside of the cat carrier.

When we first moved in we had a few projects in mind for the house. The first big one was painting our red bathroom blue as well as our bedroom. It was our first big painting project together and it turned out great. We are happy with the color and Daniel is a great roller. I was a taper and edger. We made a great team!
Daniel also became an amateur plumber, installing our garbage disposal and removing the toilet to paint behind it. He also did some minor electrical work when he switched around some of the switches for the lights. (Some switch positions were not very logical.) I guess it all comes along with moving into your first home. He will become mister fix-it now for everything... :)

Biggest news this week is our furniture arrives on Thursday! We are very ready for our own bed, pots and pans and every other amenity we have been doing without. We are very gracious for the borrowed items from family and friends. Thank you for helping us adjust. It will have been 4 days shy of two months without our household goods. I am very excited about making our new home more comfortable. There is only so much sitting in lawn furniture you can do. :)Thankfully it is scheduled to come this week!

The unfortunate news for our family is Daniel is going to be deployed again in a few months. He is already undergoing training with several other Marines. The training is keeping him busy and requires him to drive an hour to work everyday rather than the 15 minutes we had planned. We had to adapt to this change in a matter of two days. The USMC keeps you on your toes. I am so thankful we are on the east coast now.

We are so much closer to family and we have already been able to see my side of the family several times since leaving Hawaii. We are grateful for our new house and the ability to have several guests stay with us without being too uncomfortable. (I can't wait to get the furniture!)

Well, that is the update for now. I will post more pictures of the house once we get settled. I hope everyone is able to get this page as clearly as they were able to read our Hawaii page. Thank you for your time and love.