Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer TIme!

Well, we were spending a large amount of time outdoors but the last few days this Momma hen and baby chicks have been staying inside. We are all too fair and it is very hot for us to spend large amounts of time outside. These photos are all before this most recent heat wave. 

Local minor league baseball game with church friends

Vi getting her sandbox time in with a sweet boy from church.

We celebrated our 7th anniversary earlier this month and we had a lovely dinner followed by walking around Old Town Alexandria. It was quite a treat.

The girls enjoyed our anniversary too. We were able to trade babysitting with another couple. We get their sweet doll tomorrow. :) Here they are hanging with the Daddy. 

Daddy and girls getting ready to go to the pool to celebrate Father's Day with friends.

Louisa is beginning to crawl. She makes her way around a room whether she is crawling correctly or not. Little love bug!

Commissary trip with the family. This double seating scenario at this point in time can only be achieved when Mommy has extra help from Daddy. There is no way I am shopping alone with these two girls behind the wheel.

Snuggles with Daddy are a regular evening enjoyment.

Heat wave or not, we are thankful for our nice home with air conditioning. We are thankful for wide-brim sunhats and sunglasses and we are thankful for sunscreen. The Lord has blessed us richly. 

Monday, June 04, 2012

Loving our time in Virginia

We have been blessed with many visits with family and lots of time outdoors. The time here has really flown by. I am amazed we have a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old baby girl on the brink of crawling. Life is full and wonderful.

Walking in Daddy's shoes for a time...or at least trying to.

Reading time with Uncle Kris

Playground time with church friends

Lots of Bouncing

Several picnics

Always time for a snuggle.

Cuddles with Papa

Growing up so fast.

Realizing she is growing up to be a young beauty.

Easter morning with my girls.

At the zoo with Auntie Lolly

Child dedication at church

More park time

Sweet snuggles with Pop-pop

Game time with Grandma and cousins

About to crawl

Typical sweet drooly face.

Good hug from cousin Trevor

Family Memorial Day shot

Car ride lovin'

Good to see Mom and Dad again!

We are surrounded by God's love for us in his gifts of family and friends.