Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inchworm Vi

She is finally making a move for it.

She decided to start moving along this last Saturday while we were playing at home. She just started clapping too. Lots of changes!
 Our big 10 month old!

Girl's Night Out!

Last Friday night some of my friends that get together for Wednesday play-group went for a ladies night out. Three of us had birthdays in July so we felt in order to celebrate together we had the hubbies take the littles and we met for dinner.

We went to a great restaurant in Monterey called Rosines. Everything was very yummy but they are known for their desserts. I have never looked at a dessert counter and really wanted everything in it...even the peanut butter stuff. I tend to crave entrees and sides over sweet desserts. Everything from cakes to cream cakes to cheese cake and creme brule. They had the most amazing flavors. Usually desserty places have a few things that just look pretty and don't look like they taste good, not true here.

Well, enough about the dessert counter. I chose an almond joy cake. It was chocolate cake with whipped icing and coconut on top and between the layers, as well as crushed almond joy bars between each layer drizzled with caramel. It was amazing!  Everyone of us had an amazing dessert and to make it even better the pieces were gargantuan! There was probably 3-4 servings of cake on my plate, more than enough for a second or third eating and sharing with Daniel. It was delightful!

We had a great evening chatting and encouraging each other. The time together is always uplifting. I am thankful for the ladies God has brought into my life here in California.

Here we are about to indulge.
Told ya there were big!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We enjoyed an afternoon at the rodeo this past Saturday. (It is pronounced Row-day-oh. I know, sounds snobby, huh?) The California Rodeo, that's right the big one, was right up the road from here and we couldn't miss it. It was 4 days of rodeo with weeks of events leading up to it. We only participated in one afternoon of fun.

We rode up to Salinas with our neighbors. We all fit in their new van. It is an eight-seater and with 4 adults and 4 children's seats we really maxed out the space. It was so comfortable too. I know our next purchase. :) We met with some other church friends and all sat together.

All the kids were in their western wear and a few parents got in on the fun with cowboy hats. Daniel and I wore our boots and Daniel had his hat and shirt to sport too. I contemplated getting a hat, but I just don't think I would wear it enough to be worth it.

Each of the four days had several different competitions going on. We were able to see bull-riding, barrel-racing, bronco-riding, calf-roping, team calf-roping, and lots of other special events.  There was a man who did a little show with 2 trained bison. It was pretty impressive. All in all a very good show. We left a little early, a combination of the sun and the loud-speaker made us all ready to leave about 4 hours into it. Vi did really well for a long time. She was wiggly, but is willing to be passed from person to person so it kept her busy. By hour three she was exhausted. She fell asleep in my arms. I was amazed she could sleep through the loud music and announcer. Just a true testament to how tired she really was. It was the first time she has fallen asleep on me other than the airplane. She was pooped.

We made it home after some brief traffic and then ate dinner with our neighbors. It was a baked potato feast...every topping you could imagine. Yum!

All in all, a great day!

Cousin Zeb!

My cousin Zeb was making his way across the country for a summer excursion and he made it all the way out here from Alabama. He drove his truck and brought his kayak. That was his main focus, I think, get in as much kayaking as possible while seeing the US. Well, we were happy to see him and offer him a place to rest and relax for a few days. Zeb is one of the most easy-going guys I know and there was no stress involved in his visit. He even bought dinner one night. Yummy shrimp and scallops! They were delish on the grill. Thanks again!

He enjoyed hanging out at the beach and taking a try on the currents of the Monterey Bay. He said the current was quite strong and he needed his longer kayak. He brought his shorter, more rapids-style kayak. We enjoyed walking around the wharfs seeing the sea lions and seals and just general sight-seeing. We visited the aquarium one day too.

Zeb took a liking to Vi and she took a  liking to him. They seemed to be completely content hanging out together.  Zeb said it was the first baby he'd spent that much time around and he didn't mind her...nice thing to say as a young bachelor. :) I think the pictures show that.

Vi made sure and passed out a lot of smiles to her second cousin.

Beautiful aquarium!

So glad you made it all the way out here for a visit! Now you just have to get your family out here too! :-)

Birthday and Visitors!

Last week I had the joy of celebrating my birthday with Daniel's brother and family. They were driving through our part of the country and stopped for dinner on their way north. We were so happy to see them and grateful that they were able to meet up for a little visit.

Here is Meghan getting some cuddles from Violet. I put that outfit on Vi in the morning not remembering Meghan gave it to her. Perfect outfit that day!

Ev and Braden! Braden is getting so big. Funny thing too is he wants to name the baby that will soon arrive in their family Moses. I think that is hilarious! Good choice of name, little man.

Uncle Daniel with Trevor

Meghan's birthday was two days after mine so we celebrated together. Strawberry cake and strawberry homemade ice cream.

Yeah for sisters-in-law having babies! Way to add to the family!

It was a real treat seeing you all last Monday. Thanks for passing through our way!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're Expecting!

This last week we found out we are expecting another baby! We are thankful to the Lord for this kind gift.

It looks like the baby will be due around March 19th next year, Lord willing.

Praise the God of all Creation!

Fourth and Final Stop- Maryland

Daniel joined us in Maryland on Tuesday and Nonni and Papa took care of Violet on Wednesday morning while we took a stroll around the Naval Academy yard. We enjoy going back to the school and seeing the changes as well as remembering our times together there.

It was gorgeous weather the whole week we were there. We enjoyed walking around Annapolis with a light breeze and low 80s weather. Nice cool down for our visit.

Nonni and Papa got a lot of cuddling in as you can see.

Violet loved all the attention and had quite a shock when we returned home. Not being held all the time is hard. :)
Auntie Lauren was able to come over in the evenings and see all of us and Uncle Kris joined us one evening also. Auntie Lolly and Nonni reading some great new books Lolly got her hands on at work. Woohoo for new books! Yeah for a librarian auntie!

Nonni had bought a box of oranges earlier in the week and it became the toy of the week. Vi fit perfect in it and Uncle Kris made the perfect car noises. One night Vi got quite the ride in her toy car box.

We enjoyed several nights eating on the porch outside; like I said the weather was gorgeous. As always, we enjoyed some yummy grilling from my Daddy and some beautiful garden walks enjoying all their hard work outside.
Vi enjoyed having her cute high chair taken outside for a outdoor dinner.

Vi even got a bath in the kitchen sink. She really loves splashing around in the water so of course it was another photo opportunity and Lolly and her lens captured a good one.

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with my family and we always look forward to the next.

Flying home was an adventure. Violet did really well for a contained little one.

 We flew out of Baltimore to Chicago where we got on the same plane as the Newsboys. Michael Tait, previously with DCTalk, was walking around and he was the one I recognized. Apparently he is with the Newsboys now. Well it was very exciting for me since I have listened to DCTalk since I was in grade school and Newsboys since middle school. It was pretty neat to see them all hanging out on Southwest Airlines.

We made it to San Jose where Amaya graciously picked us up and delivered us to our car. We were thankful to be on the road home. Saturday was a catch up day of rest and Sunday got us all excited for the 4th of July. I will post more soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Third Stop- Richmond, VA

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Richmond to see my sister and her husband. My parents came down for the afternoon and evening as well and Sarah and Andrew hosted us that evening.

Here they are with Vi after the car drive up to Virginia. She was a pretty happy baby to be out of the car seat and of course to see her auntie and uncle.

Mom and Dad pulled up about 30 minutes after we got there and we enjoyed a relaxing evening in Sarah and Andrew's home.

Papa held Violet when we first got there and Nonni said she had to make sure to share Vi with others. She was wanting to cuddle her the whole time. (I can't blame her.)

Go Terps! Fear the Turtle!
Monday Sarah and Andrew both took off work so we enjoyed another day together.
Papa was getting Violet to smile and in doing so made a great picture of himself.
Sarah and Andrew

Sweet Nonni

Mom, Dad, Violet and I drove up to Maryland that evening while Daniel stayed one more evening.  Daniel ended up spending some time on Tuesday in Quantico and northern Virginia meeting up with some fellow Marines and an old acquaintance from the Naval Academy. He joined us in Maryland that evening.

Our Richmond stop was a highlight of the vacation and we were so happy to see Sarah and Andrew for a brief visit. Thank you for letting us stay in your lovely home! We love you both so much!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Second Stop- North Carolina

After we left Missouri we flew to Raleigh, NC and rented a vehicle to drive to New Bern. We would have flown right into New Bern if we weren't flying Southwest. (They were a great airline to fly with and you can't beat free bags!)  We arrived in New Bern on Thursday evening and stayed with the Steel family. What a blessing to spend so much time with them during our visit! Staying in a family's home maximizes a visit. Thank you again Steel family!

First thing Friday morning we met up with friends at Baker's Square, our favorite breakfast place in old time New Bern. The french toast was as good as ever. We were so happy to see Keri and meet Miss Kenley June for the first time. She is a precious little one. (Can't wait to meet the next one!)

Keri and Kenley

Here is our group shot out front. Rosa met up with us as well. We were so happy to see her and meet the sweet baby she has been caring for for the past few months. Christy came with sweet Lily also, so we were quite the full table with our little ones!

Later after walking around downtown in the sweltering heat and humidity, Daniel and I drove around our old neighborhood and saw our house. It looks great. The renters are taking care of it nicely. We are so thankful for their care of the home as well as our relationship with them. It has been a blessing having them as renters so far.

Daniel dropped Vi and me off at the Steels for afternoon nap time and he met up with a few people at Cherry Point.

 Later that afternoon we went over to the Klingensteins house to visit with them. It was so good to see them. We chatted in their lovely home for a little while then went to 37th Street pizza for a big pie. Bill's birthday was the following Sunday so we celebrated early. There is some fun video of Violet eating on a lemon at the restaurant in my flickr photostream. Eating the lemon barely phased her for the first 30 seconds or so then it all of a sudden hit her and she made the sour face. It was our first time trying the lemon with her. We are not cruel parents. We just feel she needs to experience a wide array of flavors. :)  And her face is hilarious!

After the yummy dinner we headed back to their home for a little more chatting and some good pictures. Here is Sandy holding Violet. Vi got quite used to being passed around during our vacation and as long as we were visible she stayed content in the persons arms.

Bill, Sandy and Tansy-pup in front of their fireplace.

Daniel with Bill And Vi Pie.

We had a great evening with you all as well! Thanks for the yummy ice cream with blueberries!

Saturday rolled around too quickly, but we enjoyed the day hanging at the Steel house. They planned a big Berean get-together for that night so the day was busy with preparation for the evening. (Berean was our home church in New Bern.) Daniel met up with our renters in the morning and saw the inside of our house. All is well. Again, such a blessing.

  Christy made all kinds of yummy desserts for the party and Jesse worked his tail off outside making the yard ready for the little ones to play in. Jesse set up the baby pool and play stuff to enjoy. It was Vi's first experience in water apart from the tub. She was really timid at first but warmed up to it until she got splashed in the face. After that point there was no turning back...She was done. No soothing the little one when she got splashed. :) It was okay. People wanted to cuddle her outside the pool.

Here she is looking all coy. 

 And here she is enjoying all the lovin' and watching the busy big kids.

Saturday night was such a great night. We were able to chat with people for a good length of time and really enjoy the company of our old church. We were so thankful so many people made it out. Although, having the Saturday party made Sunday even more difficult.

Sunday morning we went to Berean and everything felt natural. Sunday teaching, fellowship and the service all felt so normal. We really have a special place in our hearts for that church. Sitting in the row we used to always sit in was a treat, but so was seeing all the new faces. What a joy to see God blessing Berean with new wonderful families!

Leaving that afternoon was hard, but we knew we had a sweet visit ahead of us as well. Thank you to everyone in New Bern that made our visit so dear. We are so glad we were able to make it back!

Next stop, Richmond, Virginia!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

First Stop- Missouri

Saturday after our hike at Point Lobos we  went home, loaded up the car and drove up to Palo Alto where Marc and Amaya live. They graciously let us stay in their home Saturday night so we didn't have such an early morning on Sunday. We flew out of San Jose, about 20 minutes from their home. We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner Amaya prepared and indulged in a homemade blackberry pie that was pure heaven. Everything was delicious!  Thank you again Marc and Amaya!

Sunday was travel day and we started the day right. Violet was in good spirits and made it all the way to Kansas City in a happy mood. I was thankful for all of Daniel's help on the plane. She is getting to be a wiggler and having the extra hands was so helpful. I can't imagine flying alone. Maybe I could tough it out, but I was thankful for Daniel!

We arrived hungry and happy. Mom and Dad picked us up and treated us to dinner at Olive Garden. Always yummy!

Here is a quick snap out front. It was so good to see them.

Mom and Dad enjoyed play time with Violet. Here is Vi and Mom on the couch. Vi is all grins and chatter nowadays.

We enjoyed a family get-together on Monday night where Violet was able to meet everyone. We were all excited to see Violet and Andy meet. Daniel's cousin, Rachel, and I went into labor the same day. Andy held out a little longer and was born on the 29th, so Vi is older by one day. It is so fun to see how different they are. Little boys are so different. Andy is so big and he is crawling all over the place. Violet and Andy looked at each other a bit but pretty much had their own thing going on. They were neat to watch though.

I had to hold Andy to keep him still for the picture. There is a sweet video on flickr of him leaning in and giving Violet a kiss. She barely realizes what he is doing. Cute!

Uncle Gary got his time to hold her. He is a father of three girls. He knows baby girls. :)

All the ladies chatting and playing with the babies.

Mom pulled out some of Daniel and Everett's toys from when they were babies. This was one of Vi's favorites. She almost mastered all the activities.

Mom also had this cute high chair all the cousins used when they were little. It fit Vi perfectly.

A quick picture of Mom, Daniel, Vi, Grandma and Grandpa Scherer. (Thank you for hosting the party, Grandma and Grandpa. We loved it! And we loved seeing you all!)

I love this picture.

We had a special time in Missouri. Later that week we met up with the Good side of the family, but unfortunately I didn't snap any photos.

It was nice to meet some new faces, see some familiar ones and love on Mom and Dad while we were there. We really enjoyed our time in Missouri.