Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lulu at Four Months

Blurry but adorable

Getting ready to suck in her bottom lip.

She loves her pacifier and we do too. It is hollow in the center so we can see her little tongue sucking. It looks like one of those fish that sucks on the side of the fish tank. :)

When she doesn't have the paci she has her baby paws in her mouth.

She loves her play mat and spends several minutes on there a day figuring out how to get her monkey rattle to let go of the mat and come to her.

She still bats her arms around uncontrollably in adorable ways like she is going to whack something hard yet she has no aim. Pretty cute.

She loves to blow bubbles with her spit. She will have such a serious face and then all of a sudden blow her lips together really hard and open her mouth with a joyful smile on. We love it! (She just started doing it again.)

She is very ticklish, but almost can't stand to be tickled.

We took her to nursery at church for the first time today and they said she was a very chill baby. Good to know she is like that for other people too. She is a very content baby. She has her moments in the evening mostly, but generally she is happy just hanging out in the bumbo or playing in her rocker.

 Sweet Baby Lulu. We are so thankful for you!


Mom G. said...

I am thankful for her, too. Another true gift from God.

Jenny said...

LOVE her! She is beautiful!