Monday, July 02, 2012

Power Off

The storm this past Friday night knocked our power out until Sunday morning. We were like the other million people without power, constantly seeking out ways to stay cool and power our electronic devices. :) Thankfully our neighborhood was chosen as one to repair and we returned to our less sweaty state. In the meantime we took some cute pics of the girls. 

Sunday morning Violet was a sweaty mess when she woke up and we had to take a shot of both girls in only diaper cover clothing.

Outside breakfast with Louisa. We had one big tree that had some very large branches come down in our backyard but nothing damaging the house or property. Thank the Lord our landlords had several big old trees cut down before we moved in. The five removed were very close to the house. I am sure they would have fallen right on us during that storm.

Playtime with Louisa. The pants are on only because her knees are getting raw from all of her crawling around on the carpet.

And now she has started pulling herself up. Wow! She is a fast mover. Note all the pillows around her for when she does lose her grip of the couch.

Vi woke up wanting to wear her new dress from Poppa. She likes it because it matches her toenails. Yep, you got that right, purple toenails. It is her signature color.

Have a great Fourth of July! Hopefully the weather holds off around here for fireworks. Last time I checked another day of storms was set for Wednesday. 


Mom G. said...

What great expressions you caught in these photos. I love the expression of Louisa sitting with Vi on Violet's bed. Love the red, white and blue, too.
I am glad you are NOT with the folks who are out of electrical power for a week. We have had week long outages happen during ice storms and that is not fun.
Thanks for the blog update. Love, Mom G.

Anonymous said...

So much fun to read your blog and keep up with all of you. I thought about you and wondered if you were caught in the outages. I'm glad all is back on. This heat wave here is keeping this old hen inside also. Did go out for the evening of the fourth to the city activities with the family. Enjoyed that.

Aunt Phyllis

CLR said...

Those girls are growing fast and are so lovely. Glad your power came back when it did.

Appollo Schloss said...

Glad your power is back on. We are having similar experience b/c our AC broke. The Lord has been merciful and gave us an afternoon shower to cool it down a bit in sunny FL.